Preparation for Mount Kinabalu Climb

I am fat, I am unfit, I do irregular exercises and am a keyboard warrior trolling the internets half my free time.

I’ve did a “significant” climb out of the blues once back in Malaysia a few months ago when my friend brought me to the Batu Caves, located around the northern region of Kuala Lumpur.

Coca-Cola: Spreading the Happiness

Though its insignificance when compared to Mount Kinabalu, the 100m vertical ascend up to the Hindu shrines in 272steps was still a challenge, the narrow stairs, and wild monkeys that keep coming in our way.
Coca-Cola: Spreading the Happiness

Satisfied to know that even someone unfit like me can make it to the top in no time.

I’ve read so much about Mount Kinabalu, the geography especially, everyone has been saying that it’s an easy mountain to conquer, so here I am, preparing to climb it.

Typically, it is said a person would need to spend a total of 3d2n for the climb, mainly to the needs of acclimatization due to risks of altitude sickness.

First night – Kota Kinabalu Park, 1866m above sea level
Second night – Laban Rata resthouse, 3270m above sea level

If you were to calculate, with the peak at 4095m, and starting point at 1866m above sea, you actually have to put in only 2229m of climbing efforts and a walking distance of 8.72km(Let’s just put 9km), that’s pretty much equivalent to climbing Batu Caves 22times.

Many reviews also state that it is one of the easier trail to complete, anyone with a decent fitness level would be able to complete it, the youngest climber recorded was Muhammad Amiruel Isohod of Melaka, was 4 years old according to the Malaysia Book of Records.

Personally, I am doing stairs climbing, slowly and steadily, at least 2times up and down 12storeys every few days, on the side note, if you’re a party-goer as well, I think we will do fine, think about it, we actually “work-out”more while clubbing than actual exercises, am I right?



But still, will I be able to make it to the top of Mount Kinabalu? Stay updated live at or follow the twitter hashtag #FATGUYmountkinabalu from 11th to 17th January 2012 as I travel to Sabah!

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