Mount Kinabalu Night shots and summit photo

You may have read about my experience in Mount Kinabalu Climb, here are some photos of what your naked eye could see at night, and how the summit looks like(my photograper, Evan, climbed to the summit).

This was taken approximately 3am in the morning, near Laban Rata resthouse


Yes, this is what you will get to see at this altitude, it’s amazingly beautiful, and shootings stars are pretty common up here, I did spot a few as they shoot thru the skies, Just imagine how many stars in your sight line you can see as you lay on the rocks, a Mount Kinabalu visit one day is a must!




My photographer managed to catch the sunrising up at the summit, I really wish I was there just by looking at this picture, having all the clouds underneath your feet. And being able to watch the sun in it’s full glory.

If I, a 300lbs person who hardly exercised can make it to 3323m, I assure you, you will make it here, and you will see for yourself, the stars, the constellations and touch the clouds.

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