How to really train yourself for Mount Kinabalu Climb

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I know I’ve blogged about “preparation for Mount Kinabalu Climb“,  but that was before my actual climb.

To those who do regular hikes and trekkings, I’m sure you will know better than I do.

I speak type with my experience, now to think of it, man, it really wasn’t easy.

Imaging having to step on sharp, slippery and “movable” rocks, imagine having to walk through thick clouds, imagine having to deal with soil erosion, imagine how wet and sticky you will be, it isn’t just physical training you’ll need, you’ll need to be psychologically prepared as well for a Mount Kinabalu climb.

Psychology – I know most of us live in cities, where we get everything done in almost an instant, we are mostly impatient, I can assure you, you will feel stressed, your body will tell you “okok, stop, I don’t wanna go on, I get your point now.”

Theres’ a few sports which you might wanna do, especially if it’s your first ever climb, such as cycling, jogging and perhaps, marathons! You will have to do these sports, not for minutes, but for at least 4 hours! This isn’t about physical training, this is mental preparation!

There are some cases of people giving up at Layang Layang checkpoint, which is really silly, because they’ve crossed the halfway mark long before already! So remember, don’t give up!

Altitude Sickness – This is something which I believe will occur to all climbers, even I had experienced it,

At Layang Layang checkpoint, located approximately 2.7km above sea levels, is where climbers usually consume their lunch, it is also where most people would start experiencing altitude sickness.(Probably that’s why most people consume lunch there).

The lower air density means lower oxygen intake, causing our bodies to not function efficiently, it is also said that the only way to prevent altitude sickness is to ascend steadily and slowly. I did that and only experienced a headache and loss-of-appetite when I reached the Laban Rata resthouse.

Physically – this is the obvious part, I’m no expert in training, but what I know is, you gotta have lots of endurance, doing a mount kinabalu climb isn’t about how much you can do, but how long you can last! Do lots of cardiovascular, stairs climbing and stretching! It will help you during your climb!


If I could do a mount kinabalu climb with minimal preparation, I’m sure you will do much better than I did! Don’t forget to check out Amazing Borneo Tours for Mount Kinabalu Climb packages!  

Fat guy mount kinabalu climb!

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